Christmas Tree Paper Storage Bag

Regular price $15.99

Type: Storage Bags
Material: Heavy Kraft Paper
Size: 26 x 13 x 6 Inches


  • Great addition to the little's room. These bags are super adorable. They're very durable which is something I appreciate. In addition, each bag holds quite a bit of stuffed animals.
  • We know you've been tired of those dull and tedious storage box, so here are some new and interesting ones to refresh your eyes!
  • White color on the outside while natural brown in the inside, and printed with cute cartoon patterns on it, quite lovely and stylish, serving as decor for your room as well
  • Large capacity for various household items, such as kids' toys, daily clothes, small gadgets, books or other daily items need to be stored and organized
  • Made of dual layer kraft paper, quite tough and strong with maximum load of 25kg (But you still can not tear the paper bag vigorously, because it is, after all, paper rather than plastic or metal)
  • Amazing storage bag help you to effectively save space; lightweight, and can be folded up if no need to use